Frequently Asked Questions

ecobox was founded on a very simple concept:

To make moving easier, more efficient and more eco-friendly.

Fact: No one enjoys going to find, beg for or buy boxes.

Solution: Order ecobox online or by phone. Once you have ordered your ecobox package we will bring it directly to your door. When you are finished we come to your new location to pickup.  

Fact: Cardboard doesn't hold up.

Solution: Our ecobox is made of industrial strength plastic. They have moulded handles on the side so you can pack, stack and move with ease. 

Easy, efficient and more eco-friendly. Make this move an ecobox move.

Move with ease, save some trees.


Our packages start at 15 moving boxes called ecoboxes. Our moving boxes come in two sizes and range in quantity. It is important to judge your move accordingly, the last thing you want is to run out of moving boxes! Call our dedicated sales team and they will help you order the right amount for your move! Need Moving Boxes Calgary and Edmonton? Get them today!


Currently ecobox can deliver our plastic moving boxes to Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding areas.  If you’re unsure about whether or not that covers your pickup or drop off location please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Due to our commitment to the environment we try not to service very small loads.  While we are working on making our delivery methods more eco-friendly right now we need to burn gasoline create more pollution to deliver and pick up our moving boxes.  As such we make a strong effort to coordinate our trips to multiple customers at the same time and we make sure the trucks are as efficiently loaded as possible.


Since your belongings don't fit into a normal box, ecobox has 2 sizes included in all of our eco packages.

Our standard medium green box



We are well aware that moves do not always go as scheduled. If you need more time that is no problem at all. Two days before your scheduled pick up date you will receive an email confirming the day and time. This email will allow you to select and new day and time or extend. If you need to extend you will only have to pay for that extra time (depending on the number of boxes the price ranges from $20-$50 per week).