Step 1

Conveniently order your clean and sturdy moving boxes online or call! We are also able to take all major credit card payments at the door! All prices include delivery and pick up!

Step 2

Free delivery to any home or office in the city of Calgary. All of our ecobox moving packages come with free delivery. And no, we don’t charge for stairs or elevators.

Step 3

Pack, stack and move! Use and reuse your ecobox moving boxes and have one of the most pleasurable moves ever. Our boxes stack sturdy, come clean, and can be reused as many times as you want

Step 4

All done! Let us come pick your moving boxes from your new home or office, free of charge. If you need more time we offer a variety of extension options at affordable rates!

Trees Saved to Date, Thanks to You!

Ecobox Benefits

Ecobox has many benefits… Ultimate convenience, free delivery, clean and sanitary boxes, no breaking, no bending, stack perfectly square, low cost, cheap extra weeks, eco-friendly, good for our beautiful planet.

Low Cost and Ultra Convenient Moving Boxes in Calgary

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